Subtle sign Meghan and Kate ‘unified’ at Jubilee spotted by etiquette expert

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton were unified by their adherence to the royal dress code at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, an etiquette expert has suggested.

Despite returning to the UK to celebrate the Queen reaching 70 years on the throne with the Royal Family, Meghan and Prince Harry kept a low profile, and only attended one public event with the other royals at St Paul's Cathedral.

Amid reports of a falling-out between Harry and Prince William, the two couples were sat on opposite sides of the aisle, and it has not been confirmed whether the brothers met in private during the weekend.

Etiquette expert Elaine Swann has looked closely at Meghan and Kate’s behaviour, and suggested that the women’s attire hinted that the Sussexes may have communicated with the royals to ensure they didn’t overshadow the Queen.

“I still saw some unification in my opinion because if you think about Jubilees past, I was looking at what the women were wearing and I noticed Kate and Meghan in the last Jubilee they had dual tones, it was as if that was the memo of the day,” she told the Royally Us podcast.

“And just to look at what they were wearing this time it seemed like there was a memo that was sent out, and the family had a particular look and they were right in step with this.

“Meghan and Kate were still in step I think with that memo of the attire for the day.”

Meghan wore a white Dior coat matched with a disc-shaped hat, while Kate was pictured in a light lemon-shaded dress with a matching hat. And, Elaine added that this colour coordination suggested that “there was a lot more going on behind the scenes than we think”.

The podcast’s host Christina Garibaldi agreed that this was an “interesting” spot and emphasised: “They were all in those pale, neutral tones and it blends in with the crowd a little bit more and makes the Queen shine.”

Elaine agreed, continuing: “That was certainly the memo of the day, and if they were so ousted the way folks want them to be, we wouldn’t have seen that in Meghan, so I think there’s a lot more unification than we see.”

After returning to the US, Harry and Meghan released pictures of their daughter Lilibet to mark her first birthday, but royal fans are still awaiting official images of a reported meeting between the Queen and her great-granddaughter.

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