Surgeons pull old Nokia phone out of man’s stomach after he deliberately ate it

Weird footage shows surgeons finding an old Nokia phone in a man's stomach after he deliberately swallowed the device – and he won't tell medics why he did it.

In the clip, recorded at a hospital in Kosovo's capital city of Pristina, a tiny camera is inserted into the man's digestive system through his mouth.

They come across one part of the phone lodged inside his body and spend two hours trying to remove it safely.

Eventually, they pull the mobile phone out of the man's stomach the same way it went in – through his mouth.

The 33-year-old patient had spent four days in pain after he swallowed the Nokia mobile phone before he eventually decided to get medical help.

Dr Skender Telaku said he'd performed one of the most bizarre operations of his career after a scan confirmed that the patient, who was not named, had spent several days with a mobile phone lodged in his body.

He told local media: "I got a call about a patient who swallowed an object, and after carrying out a scan we noticed that the phone had split into three parts."

The doctor immediately knew that the patient swallowed the phone on purpose because the device was too big to ingest by accident.

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Dr Telaku said the patient refused to reveal why he swallowed the phone.

He added: "Out of all the parts, it was the battery that concerned us most because it could have potentially exploded in the man's stomach."

Mobile phone batteries contain many toxic chemicals including flame retardants, heavy metals like lead and tin, and some older models even contain mercury.

The model of phone the patient had swallowed appeared to contain a lithium-ion battery and luckily it did not appear to have leaked.

Dr Telaku said, for legal reasons, the amount of information that he can give about the patient is limited.

As a result, it is not clear what the current health status of the phone-chowing man is.

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