This recession looks set to drag on for months unless tough decisions are made soon

Covid courage

IT’S been over two months since pubs and restaurants reopened.

As we expected, dire predictions of a deadly second wave have come to nothing.

Yes, cases have risen.

But that’s mainly because more tests are being carried out.

New data reveals just 27,100 people in England (outside of hospitals and care homes) had the virus in the third week of August — that’s about one in 2,000.

And deaths have plummeted in recent weeks because handwashing, masks and social distancing all mean we are giving each other smaller doses of the virus and getting less ill.

Yesterday, the UK reported only two Covid deaths.

Which is why the Government must abandon the restrictions still inflicting huge damage on our fragile economy.

Dominic Raab has already hinted the 14-day blanket quarantine might be axed.

Good. But he must act fast.

As for the arts, we’re heartened to hear ministers’ positive noises about opening theatres for panto season.

Oh yes we are!

But productions take months of preparation — so again, speed is of the essence.

We understand no minister wants to be responsible for a spike in infections.

But unless some tough decisions are made soon, this recession looks set to drag on for months — leaving thousands of shattered livelihoods in its wake.

Rebel bullies

PRIVILEGED Extinction Rebellion activists may have persuaded themselves — and a few Labour MPs — that the crimes they committed on Friday night were victimless.

But the rest of us know that’s rubbish.

Retailers and newsagents just getting back on their feet after lockdown — many of them hard-working BAME immigrants — will be out of pocket.

And lonely OAPs who depend on newspapers will have had a miserable Saturday.

One 95-year-old Sun reader even took a nasty fall while checking why her favourite paper hadn’t arrived.

Police chiefs know that earnest climate campaigners in Extinction Rebellion are being ousted by dangerous anarchists who want to destroy our way of life.

They should deal with them accordingly.

Charity chop

WE are saddened to hear that a glittering Invictus fundraiser due to take place in California next year has had to be pulled.

Ticket sales were due to raise masses for the terrific charity — and Amazon screening the event globally would have meant another big cash boost.

We hope the cancellation is solely due to Covid restrictions — as the Sussexes claim — and nothing to do with Harry and Meghan signing a £112million deal with Amazon’s rival Netflix recently.

Invictus is a terrific project, which should be Harry’s legacy.

It would be a crying shame if he let it fizzle out.

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