Tiger King star Joe Exotic 'may die in jail due to poor treatment or end up like Jeffrey Epstein' campaigner says

TIGER King star Joe Exotic is in a race to stay alive inside jail and may even end up "like Jeffrey Epstein", one of his closest confidantes has revealed.

Eric Love, the Texas millionaire leading the bid to have the former zoo owner pardoned of his crimes, filed an official complaint on Monday – setting out his fears that Exotic may die in prison due to alleged poor treatment by staff and lack of medical care inside.

Love alleges that Exotic, serving 22 years for hiring a hitman to kill his nemesis Carol Baskin, is not being given sufficient medical treatment to fight his common variable immune deficiency (CVID), which makes him extremely vulnerable.

He also claims staff members at FMC Fort Worth, Texas, have been targeting him unfairly, leaving Love concerned about his friend’s welfare.

Love is worried he could end up dead in suspicious circumstances similar to billionaire pedophile Epstein, who killed himself in his cell.

Speaking from his Fort Worth home, Love told The Sun: “I’m concerned Joe might not make it out, because of his health.

“He has CVID. He should have a platelet, if I understand it correctly. It’s an infusion every 30 days. I am worried that he won’t make it out just on his own health, because they withhold that.

“He’s not had one in four months. He needs that every 30 days. So when those types of questions come up, what I immediately think of is just general health.”

He believes his health problems also put him at a higher risk of catching COVID-19.

Exotic is currently housed inside a wing of the medical area where prisoners from general population are quarantined for two weeks before they are released.

The retired cop continued: “FMC has had over 50 percent of its inmates test positive for COVID-19.

“S**t man, I’m really worried. He already has a compromised immune issue and you add the vulnerability of someone that has COVID-19 in proximity to who your client is, you can’t help but worry, ‘Oh my God. Could he pass away from this?’ That’s been an absolute pushing point just because of COVID.”

Love, who speaks to Exotic several times a day, has been campaigning for his release by assembling a group called Team Tiger – made up of attorneys, PIs and friends who believe he is innocent.

Exotic is serving 22 years after a federal jury in Oklahoma convicted him of two counts of murder-for-hire, falsifying wildlife records, and nine counts of violating the Endangered Species Act.

Philanthropist Love, who works for Exotic for free, told how he has serious concerns about the prison system’s ability to keep prisoners safe in the wake of Epstein’s controversial death.

Epstein killed himself in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Facility in New York, despite being under 24 hour supervised guard.

Despite his death being ruled a suicide, some have speculated he could have been murdered.

Love said: “Everybody has their own theory or thought about what happened to Mr Epstein. That is an ugly case, that guy probably deserved his day in court and every bit of punishment.

“I believe that there were too many particular things that happened to him with the case that night. When you start adding the totality of the facts up, anybody can make a pretty easy assumption that there was some shady sh** on that case. Murder or suicide it was the same result."

Asked if he fears Exotic suffering a similar death in suspicious circumstances, he said: "Yeah, that could very well be a possibility. That’s why we want Joe out and we want him out now.”

Exotic chose retired cop Love to lead his bid for freedom after he wrote him a note in prison asking to correct what he saw as injustice.

Exotic’s prime hope of immediate freedom rests on President Trump handing him a presidential pardons as one of his final decrees before leaving office in January.

Love, who famously drove to Washington from Texas in a bus emblazoned with the words Free Joe Exotic on the side this summer, is optimistic especially as POTUS’ son Don Junior supports his case.

The team has petitioned the governor and staff members at FMC Fort Worth to review the action of certain prison staff around Exotic.

He alleged that one staff member “in a high leadership role” has targeted Exotic: "We have one person there who likes to make sure he drums up trouble about: ‘You’re in prison. What is your husband doing?’

"This one person literally makes it a point to search his husband’s Instagram, any social media, and come back and discuss what he’s seen online.

“That’s not his place to do that. That can be a mental torture."

It led to Love, on behalf of Team Tiger, delivering a 257-page document to the White House in September.

Love says that the legal docket demonstrates holes in the FBI investigation and case, insists that Jeff Lowe should have been called to the stand and also questions the allegation of the hiring process of the hitmen.

Netflix viewers saw the drama play out in the hit series Tiger King, but since then questions have been raised about aspects of the conviction by Team Tiger.

Love says he is optimistic Trump will review the conviction in his final two months in the White House.

When asked about the case by a reporter back in April, Trump said he would look into it.

Love has filed his grievance about Exotic's treatment both at the prison and with the Bureau of Prisons on Monday.

FMC Fort Worth and the Bureau of Prisons did not respond to requests for comment.

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