‘Time-traveller’ claims ‘underground alien race’ will be discovered in August

A 'time-traveller' on TikTok has warned their followers that the human race will make its first discovery of alien life inside Earth.

The anonymous person "from the future", known under the username '@pasttimetravel' gave a list of important dates for 2022, which quickly went viral as the New Year began.

The video captioned "Remember these dates…" warns of a catastrophic year with a volcano eruption on March 15 and a passenger plane disappearing on June 28.

It said: "I have been thought of as a fake time traveller but I can prove that I'm not. Remember these three dates and I can prove that I'm real…

"March 15, 2022, a volcano erupts and creates an ash cloud around half the world.

"June 28, 2022, a plane goes missing for a month and returns but everyone on the plane says it was only three hours.

"August 2, 2022, we make contact with an underground civilisation."

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But among the three dates was a warning that on August 2, the human race will discover an underground civilisation.

Over 3.5k people responded to the string of wild claims that attracted over 200k views in a very divided debate over whether the claims could be real.

One user said: "These dates are all in TUESDAYS."

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Another added: "If this happens I never blame you because this is a warning, not a threat."

A third said: "What volcano would it be? What's the name of that underground civilisation?

"What's the flight # and air company that plane belongs to?"

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A fourth added: "People from underground stay there, you are safer under because here we have a pandemic out of control."

The news comes after a balmy TikToker, named @aesthetictimewarper, claimed the city of Atlantis will be discovered on February 2, 2022.

The city was completely made up by the Greek philosopher Plato.

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The clip said: "Atlantis is discovered in the Atlantic Ocean home to human-fish life."

Without elaborating any further on what on Earth "human-fish life" would look like, they say in the same month a celebrity will come out and admit they've faked their death.

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