Trio ‘torture neighbour with blowtorch and axe before forcing him off cliff’

A twisted trio allegedly tortured their neighbour before stripping him naked and forcing him to walk off a cliff.

Heather Pate, 27, and her 36-year-old boyfriend Kevin Dent lured Roy Jaggers, 27, to their home in Nye County, Nevada, the US, on July 31, foreign media reports.

They believed Mr Jaggers had hurt one of Pate’s sons, according to the Nye County Sheriff’s Office.

The couple and Pate’s ex-boyfriend, 37-year-old Brad Mehn, then tortured him for hours after driving to an area in the desert in the town of Pahrump, it is claimed.

They allegedly used a blowtorch, knives, a baton, and an axe during the horrifying assault.

Mr Jaggers was then driven to Cathedral Canyon and forced to walk off the cliff, according to police.

The trio are accused of shooting at him after the fall, killing him.

His body was found just before 6.30am the following day, August 1.

The victim’s parents, Kassy Robinson and Jerry Jaggers, last spoke with their son just hours before he was abducted, the Las Vegas Review Journal reported.

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Mr Jaggers asked: “How can you do that to another human being?”

They insisted their son would not have hurt anyone, calling him kind and loving,

Dent, Pate, and Mehn were arrested for murder, kidnapping, conspiracy to commit murder, and battery with substantial bodily harm.

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They are all being held at the Nye County Detention Center without bail.

Earlier this month, anInstagrammodel was shot in the face after leaving a party in a brutal murder.

Raila Sales Ferreira, 20, was pronounced dead in hospital on Monday, August 23, after being targeted in the city of Manaus, Brazil.

The unidentified assailant shot her just moments after she got into a taxi five days earlier.

Disturbing photos show the vehicle’s window completely shattered.

Emergency services raced to the scene and found the model was still alive, despite her horrific injuries.

She was taken to the intensive care unit of the Joao Lucio Hospital and Emergency Room, where she spent five days fighting for her life before succumbing to her injuries.

Police are now hunting the killer.

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