Trump’s bid to shift the election may be hopeless, but Dems have done it since 2016

When all the recounts and lawsuits are done, Joe Biden almost certainly will be the next president. Yet Donald Trump has every right to challenge that — and Democrats have no excuse for raging about it.

Biden’s apparent Electoral College lead would require Trump to erase leads of tens of thousands of votes in at least three states — which won’t happen unless the president can show a lot more wrongdoing than he has so far.

But he has every right to try: Contesting results is part of democracy, one Democrats have done many times in recent elections. Al Gore’s 2000 effort in Florida left the election unresolved until Dec. 12. And other Dems demanded recounts in Wisconsin and Michigan in 2016, along with other lawsuits.

Heck, most Democrats still pretend Stacey Abrams “really” won the 2018 governor’s race in Georgia, evidence be damned.

And most of the party still won’t accept the 2016 results, regularly claiming that election was stolen with help from Russia.

Nancy Pelosi and all the rest who’ve encouraged that belief have no excuse now for insisting that Republicans tell Trump to give up. As we’ve noted, Trump’s extreme rhetoric now makes him look bad — as bad as Nancy Pelosi and all the other leading Democrats who’ve been making mirror-image crazy claims for the last four years.

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