UK heatwave: 32C ‘North African desert’ heat to bake Britain in five-day SCORCHER

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood forecasts bright conditions

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Weather forecaster Phil Morrish told that a Spanish plume will bring some “very, very hot air” to the UK, which originated in the North African desert. He said that temperatures could reach up to 31C in the south and 32C in London. The midlands will see temperatures of up to 28C, while the north will reach highs of 24C.

Mr Morrish said the hot weather, which is “extremely warm for June”, will begin on Wednesday and continue until Sunday, remaining warm for Father’s Day.

This comes after the UK has battled rain, hail and thunderstorms over the past week.

Speaking to about the warmer weather, Mr Morrish said: “We’ve got higher pressure developing over southern Spain and this is going to give us some very warm air coming up from the UK as from about Wednesday next week.

“We call this a Spanish plume.

“It’s some very very hot air coming from the North African desert moving northwards into the UK.

“It looks like the Spanish plume will arrive on Wednesday, with temperatures rising into the mid-twenties and could peak on Saturday when we could reach 30C or 31C in the south, 32C in London and in the midlands 28C.

“In the North, 24C, which is extremely warm for June.

“As this Spanish plume moves up from the South, it will then last into next weekend before temperatures start to go back to normal.

“So a very, very warm spell with this Spanish plume.”

He said the warm weather will be exacerbated by the “close to record-breaking” temperatures seen already in Spain this month.

Mr Morrish explained: “We’ve already had some very hot air over Spain this year and so the ground is warm.

“So this is encouraging warmer temperatures than normal.

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“We’ve already got close to record-breaking temperatures in Spain, so the ground is already hot.

“This encourages some of this hot air to move into the UK for mid-week until Sunday, including Fathers’ Day, and then some very very hot temperatures.

“Temperatures up to 90F, which for June is very very hot indeed.

“Mid-twenties for the midlands and low twenties for the north.

“So a nice warm few days ahead.”

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