UK weather forecast: Summer arrives ending flood hell! 28C Azores heatwave swirls in – Map

UK Weather: Met Office forecast dry and warmer weather

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Heavy and thundery downpours put large parts of London underwater on Monday evening, inflicting chaos on rush hour travellers that lasted until Tuesday morning. But high pressure is now swirling into the UK “from the Azores”, which will see temperatures surge in just a matter of days, a forecaster has said. Bringing an end to the brutal conditions, Netweather has forecast the UK will be able to bask in scorching temperatures in time for the weekend, with thermometers to “increase by the day”.

Looking ahead to Friday and the weekend, Ian Simpson, forecaster for Netweather, said: “With high pressure moving right across the country, a spell of predominantly dry sunny weather is set to take hold.

“Temperatures will continue to steadily increase by the day, such that by the weekend, highs will widely be between 25C and 28C.

“It will be cooler near North Sea coasts, where some low cloud may come onshore at times, particularly in eastern Scotland and northeast England.

“The high pressure looks set to stick around into early next week as well, promising more hot and sunny weather.

“There is potential for thunderstorms to develop around midweek, but this is a long way off, and detail is likely to change nearer the time.”

In its outlook for Thursday to Sunday, the Met Office said: “Mostly dry with plenty of sunshine for most.

“Although often cloudier in the far northwest with perhaps some rain at times.

“Very warm inland, but cooler along some coasts.”

Netweather said the ridge of high pressure will come in from the west on Tuesday and break up some of the cloud that has been blanketing the country, particularly in central and western parts of the UK, enabling increasing amounts of sunshine to come through.

As this happens, scattered showers will develop, mainly over the west and southwest of Scotland and in central and southern parts of England, which could turn heavy and thundery, but many places will stay dry.

Despite northerly winds blowing across the UK today, temperatures have remained above average for this time of year in most parts of the country, reaching highs of 23C in most southern and western parts of Britain.

London and Glasgow have seen the mercury jump highest, with highs of around 24C.

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But the heatwave is well on its way as the high pressure system edges ever closer to Britain on Wednesday, with temperatures nudging up slightly to highs of 25C in most inland parts of the country.

Cloud amounts will be “variable” but sunny spells are still forecast, particularly in Wales and in southern, central and western parts of England.

Thursday will see the incoming high pressure hit western parts of Britain but “weak fronts and a northerly flow will affect the east of England”.

Despite being dry, it will be largely cool and cloudy, with highs of around 20 to 22C, although in central and western areas, this will be higher at between 22C and 25C.

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