Ukraine to ‘knock out Russian artillery’ with UK weapons that ‘strike with precision’

Ukraine: Expert discusses UK long range missile systems

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Dr Jack Watling from (RUSI) Royal United Services Industry discussed NATO-aligned countries sending more advanced weaponry systems to Ukraine with journalist Katie Razzall. Dr Watling explained how eager the British Government were to provide Ukraine with what it needed. The war in Ukraine has been raging for well over three months despite ongoing calls for peace talks, to stop the violence and bloodshed. He then discussed how the weaponry systems provided would help to outrange Russian systems.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme Ms Razzall said: “Dr Watling, I wonder,  what difference do you think this new announcement, these new weapons will make?

“And is it a significant shift in government policy?”

Dr Watling added: “I don’t think it’s a significant shift in Government policy the UK has been determined to provide Ukraine with what it needs.

“And these systems are precisely what Ukraine needs, they allow the Ukrainians to outrange a lot of the Russian artillery systems.

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Dr Watling said: “And also to strike with precision, these will strike as precisely as the coordinates that they receive.

“And so that means that the Ukrainians can start to knock out and hold at risk the Russian artillery that is at the moment systematically destroying towns across Eastern Ukraine.”

In previous weeks Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has praised Boris Johnson for sending weapons.

Earlier last month the UK announced it would send £300m to Ukraine to help fight off the Russian onslaught.

Tory MP urges more weapons for Ukraine as conflict hit Kyiv

Defence Secretary, Ben Wallace has explained that the UK has put itself in a leading position to supply Ukrainian military forces with the “vital weapons they need to defend their country from unprovoked invasion”.

Mr Wallace said: “The UK stands with Ukraine in this fight and is taking a leading role in supplying its heroic troops with the vital weapons they need to defend their country from unprovoked invasion.

“If the international community continues its support, I believe Ukraine can win.”

He added: “As Russia’s tactics change, so must our support to Ukraine.

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“These highly capable multiple-launch rocket systems will enable our Ukrainian friends to better protect themselves against the brutal use of long-range artillery, which Putin’s forces have used indiscriminately to flatten cities.”

NATO countries have been offering help to Ukraine, in the form of sending weapons and imposing sanctions since the beginning of the war.

NATO has refused but has refused to impose the highly requested no-fly zone, or put troops on the ground.

Putin has threatened NATO aligned countries with retaliation if he feels they are posing an active threat to Russia.

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