UK's 'dullest man' makes comeback by flogging calendars of public seating areas

AUTHOR Kevin Beresford is the benchmark when it comes to being boring — he’s selling calendars of public seating areas.

The 69-year-old first shot to fame in 2003 with his calendar featuring roundabouts.

It sold 100,000 copies globally and earned Kevin the title of “Britain’s dullest man”.

Since then, he has published a series of sequels including Roundabouts of the World in 2016.

Now he has come up with a collection of his favourite benches in Redditch, Worcs, for his 2022 calendar — and it could sell more than Meghan’s book The Bench.

Kevin, from the town and a member of the Dull Men’s Club, said: “I think the world’s tired of calendars of firemen’s six packs and One Direction and the like.

"Mine are more like no direction.”

Thrilling captions for the bench photos include: “March. Somewhat sad looking wooden bench standing guard outside a defunct chip shop.

"Either side are wooden flower bins.

"One is empty, the other boasts a few weeds.”

Three-times-married Kevin is also president of the UK Roundabout Appreciation Society.

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