Unearthed Princess Diana footage shows her laughing at Prince Charles’ hard hat

An unearthed video shows Princess Diana laughing hysterically at Prince Charles because he had to wear a rather odd-looking hard hat during their royal tour of Australia in 1985.

In the funny clip, recorded at Alcoa Aluminium Smelter Project, Charles and Diana are being shown around but it seems the Princess of Wales is having an attack of giggles.

Charles has to wear a shiny white hat with "HRH Prince of Wales" written across the front.

Although Diana is wearing a matching one with her own royal title, she can't seem to get over how funny her husband looks with the industrial hard hat on his head.

Despite her trying to cover her laughter behind a hand, it doesn't take long for Prince Charles to figure out she is laughing at his expense and he jokingly calls her out.

"Do your wives always laugh at you when you've got your hat on?" he asks the workers at the plant in the resurfaced footage.

The footage struck a chord with royal enthusiasts and Lady Di fans, with many of them saying her laughter was contagious.

One person gushed: "She had the best laugh!

"That kind of laugh funnier than the joke. Oh just adorable."

Another smitten fan wrote: "You know that Princess Diana was breaking a royal protocol that she was giggling at Charles’s silly hat that I even read about this in the papers and everyone thought it was so cute (cause it was)."

"Only Diana can make a hard hat fashionable," joked another viewer.

This comes after a royal expert claimed Prince Willaim is "concerned" about his younger brother Prince Harry "trying to take ownership of Diana's legacy".

Royal author Katie Nicholl said she predicted "tensions" as both brothers aim to campaign for mental health.

Meanwhile, a rare video shows Princess Diana perform a piano recital in front of stunned onlookers.

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