What happened to Lindsey Graham's parents?

SENIOR Carolina senator Lindsey Graham, a republican, has held his political seat since 2003.

The politician came from humble beginnings and "grew up in the backroom of a South Carolina bar."

Who are Lindsey Graham's parents?

Lindsey Graham's parents are Florence Graham and Millie Graham.

Graham did not grow up with money, and would reportedly take baths with water that was heated up on a stove,

"At the age of 12, he was working at the downstairs pool hall, racking tables to help with his family’s financial struggles," wrote Politico.

Graham's mother passed away when the politician was a college student.

Shortly thereafter, his father died in his sleep after a massive heart attack, a grim discovery made by his then-13-year-old sister.

Although he was brought up in a bar, Graham speaks highly of his parents, even if“parents would probably lose custody of their children today if they let them behave as independently and as rascally as I did,” he said.

Who is his sister Darline Graham Nordone?

Darline Graham Nordone is Graham's younger sister.

Nordone is married with two children, according to the Charlotte Observer.

When Graham bid to run for president back in 2016, he made caring for his sister after their parents died, when he was only 22 and Darline was 13, a central part of his campaign.

He used it to stress his commitment to family and to preserving safety-net programs that help people who fall on hard times.

Nordone, who lives in Lexington, has said Graham always has been a father figure to her.

Graham later adopted his sister so she could receive his medical benefits.

He refused to take a Covid test before a debate against his Democratic challenger Jamie Harrison, prompting the event's cancelation.

In October 2020, he said systemic racism didn't exist in the state of South Carolina.

Is Lindsey Graham married?

Graham is unmarried.

Graham claimed he almost married a flight attendant named Sylvia, who he met while living in Germany in his late 20s, but the relationship didn't last, according to Herald Online.

Graham said of the relationship: “Her mother was elderly, and I wasn’t going to stay in Germany.

"I didn’t think she wanted to come back to South Carolina.”

This is the closest he said he has ever come to marrying.

Graham prompted a flurry of headlines years ago when the Daily Mail quizzed him about his private life and position in politics.

When asked who would be his First Lady if he were to become president, he responded, “well, I’ve got a sister – she could play that role if necessary,” adding, “I’ve got a lot of friends. We’ll have a rotating first lady.”

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