Who is Heshy Tischler and why was he arrested?

ORTHODOX Jewish activist Heshy Tischler was arrested in New York on Sunday night in connection to the alleged assault of a journalist who was covering protests against coronavirus restrictions. 

According to Tischler, he and the chief of police had agreed for him to turn himself in on Monday but claims he was “tricked” when he was busted on Sunday.

Who is Heshy Tischler?

Harold “Heshy” Tischler, 56, is an Orthodox Jewish activist and radio show host based in New York City. 

Tischler has been attending demonstrations in Brooklyn’s Borough Park with other community members to protest New York’s  plan to temporarily limit the size of religious gatherings in coronavirus hot spots.

Why was he arrested?

Tischler was arrested on Sunday night in connection with the alleged assault of Jacob Kornbluh, an Orthodox Jewish journalist covering the protests. 

At a protest on Wednesday night, Tischler allegedly led a large group of men who chased and surrounded Kornbluh and trapped him against a storefront, screaming at him.

Kornbluh was punched and kicked while being called a “Nazi” and “Hitler.”

Some of the protesters were upset that Kornbluh was documenting the Borough Park protests.

Tischler’s lawyer, Sara Shulevitz, told the New York Post on Sunday night ahead of his arraignment that her client was the victim of a “politically-motivated arrest.”

“He is not guilty and this is a politically motivated arrest and the truth will come out,” Shulevitz said.

After Tischler's arrest, protesters swarmed Kornbluh's home in an effort to intimidate him.

Why did he say he was ‘tricked?’

Tischler claims that he was “tricked” when he was arrested on Sunday after supposedly agreeing with police that he would turn himself in the following day. 

“I called, I even spoke to the chief. They tricked me. They’re telling everybody that I was supposed to be arrested tomorrow,” Tischler said on a video posted to Twitter.

Following Tischler's arrest, several Orthodox Jews rallied outside of his home last night, chanting "No Heshy, No Peace."

Governor Andrew Cuomo warned that the uptick in cases is due to hot spots in Orthodox Jewish communities in New York City and suburban counties. 

Additionally, there are infection clusters linked to colleges and a Baptist church in upstate New York.

Is there an uptick of coronavirus cases in New York?

  • New York has seen a steady rise in coronavirus infections and hospitalizations since early September
  • The state recorded 10,000 new infections last week, a level of spread not seen since May
  • An average of 698 coronavirus patients were hospitalized each day over the past week, up from 457 for the last week of August
  • At the pandemic's peak, nearly 19,000 New Yorkers were hospitalized

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