Who is Joaquin Castro's wife Anna Flores?

TEXAS representative Joaquin Castro and wife Anna Flores have been married for eight years.

Castro, who is an appointed manager at Donald Trump's second impeachment trial, called the Capitol insurrection "foreseeable" and "preventable."

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Who is Anna Flores?

Anna Flores is the wife of representative Joaquin Castro.

Flores was born in Reynosa, Mexico and grew up in Mission, Texas.

Flores and Castro married in family-only civil ceremony in 2013 after dating for three years.

"I kind of just see him as Joaquin, the person I fell in love with, not as Joaquin the Congressman. It's weird when I think I'm a political wife," Flores told Kens5.

They planned two separate weddings, a civil ceremony and a Catholic wedding, as Flores fell pregnant after the pair got engaged.

"Anna and I have had an eventful and very blessed year,” Castro said in a statement released by his office at the time. “We are excited to embark on our journey together as a family.”

Flores formerly worked at Newtek, but now runs ArcoirisBox, a made-to-order "sensory kit" business for children.

"I started building sensory kits for my kids two years ago, after noticing my son Roman's love for play dough," the business description reads on Etsy.

"Numerous times I watched him create his own play area, arranging toy cars, rocks, dinosaur figures and even blocks onto piles of play dough! I enjoy experimenting with different themes and love using natural elements."

Do Joaquin Castro and Anna Flores have kids?

Castro and Flores have two children together: a daughter named Andrea and a son named Roman.

The couple welcomed Andrea in 2013 before their "big" religious summer wedding the following year.


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"Presidents Obama and Clinton sent her a little letter when she was born so I'm going to keep them and frame them for her," Castro told Kens5 at the time.

The pair welcomed Roman Victor Castro, who weighed 7½ pounds and measured 20¼ inches, in February 2016.

The family live in San Antonio, Texas.

How is Joaquin Castro involved in Trump's impeachment trial?

Castro is one of several impeachment managers appointed to former president Donald Trump's second impeachment trial.

Castro has served as the United States House of Representatives for Texas' 20th congressional district since 2013.

The district includes just over half of his native San Antonio, Texas, as well as some of its nearby suburbs.

"Impeachment managers" are a group of House Democrats, selected by Nancy Pelosi, that serve as prosecutors in the trial and will make a case against Trump.

"I'm a Texas Democrat. We've lost a few elections over the years. But can you imagine telling your supporters that the only way you could possibly lose is if an American election was rigged and stolen from you?" Castro said on February 10, day two of the impeachment hearings.

"President Trump did something unprecedented in American history—he refused to commit to a peaceful transition of power. The attack on the Capitol did not come from one speech. It was not by accident. A mob was provoked by President Trump over many months."

Senator Chuck Schumer slammed Trump for getting hit with "the greatest charge ever brought against a president in the history of the United States."

Congressman Jamie Raskin of Maryland, an expert in constitutional law, is serving as the lead manager in the proceedings.

In the first trial against Trump, seven House Democrats served as managers. In February 9's proceedings, nine managers have been selected.

As well as Castro, Madeleine Dean of Pennsylvania, David Cicilline of Rhode Island, Diana DeGette and Joe Neguse of Colorado, Ted Lieu and Eric Swalwell of California, and Stacey Plaskett of the US Virgin Islands are also assigned to the team.

Impeachment managers will have the chance to "argue their case before the full Senate with the senators acting like jurors, and after that, the former President’s legal team will have an opportunity to present a defense," according to CNN.

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