Who was John Warner's wife?

FORMER five term Virginia Senator John W. Warner passed away at the age of 94.

The former Republican who also served as the United States Secretary of the Navy died of heart failure.

Who was John Warner's wife?

At the time of his passing, Warner was married to Jeanne Vander Myde for 18 years.

The couple was married in December of 2013, when Myde was a real estate agent and Warner was still a Senator.

Before each other, Warner had been married twice, and Myde was the widow of Paul Vander Myde.

Myde's previous husband served as a Reagan administration defense department official.

Perhaps Warner's most famous bride was his second wife, actress Elizabeth Taylor.

Warner and Taylor were married in December of 1976, in Richmond Virginia.

The two ended up getting divorced just shy of six years later in November of 1982.

Warner was Taylor's sixth and second to last husband, and after the death of Larry Fortensky in 2016, Warner was the last surviving of Taylor's seven husbands.

Warner's first marriage came when he was 30 years old, to  Catherine Conover Mellon.

Mellon was a banking heiress, and two were wed in August of 1957.

Warner's first marriage was integral for the development of his political career, as he amassed substantial capital and expanded his political contacts.

From their marriage, the two had three kids, Virginia, John W. Warner, IV, and Mary.

Warner was known politically for being more of an independent, sometimes angering conservatives.

He was also a popular candidate in Virginia, so far that in the 2002 election, Democrats didn't even bother to run against him.

Many wondered if his marriage to Taylor would affect his election, but ultimately it proved not to.

On her divorce to Warner, Taylor credited his devotion to the Senate and how lonely that left her.

Taylor also went on to write that the two remained good friends after their divorce.

Taylor was known for his bi-partisan ship and political leadership while in the Senate.

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