Winston Churchill's granddaughter votes for Biden and slams Trump for likening himself to wartime leader

WINSTON Churchill's granddaughter has voted for Joe Biden, and penned a scathing op-ed slamming Donald Trump for comparing himself to the late British prime minister.

Edwina Sandys, a sculptor and painter, said that her grandfather never downplayed the threat of World War II – which many have accused Trump of doing with the Covid-19 pandemic.

"President Donald Trump's inaction and lies about the Covid-19 crises have persisted as hundreds of thousands of American lives are being lost," she wrote in the piece, published by USA Today.

"When under attack for playing down the dangers of the virus, his defense has been to compare himself as a leader to Winston Churchill."

She continued to explain that her grandfather was honest about the threat of WWII and told the people of England that a long, difficult war lay ahead of them.

"My grandfather did not mince words about the Nazi threat – or say something like, 'Hitler will be gone – disappear – like a miracle!' He trusted people with the truth, even when difficult," she said.

Sandys explained in the piece that she was brought up as a Conservative in London, but transitioned into being an Independent after moving to the United States in the 1970s.

She said that she felt compelled to speak on politics before the 2020 election because she is so appalled by Trump's reputation internationally.

"Many of my grandfather’s finest hours were crucial moments in the war, working with Democratic presidents, both Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman," she wrote.

"Trump has broken many international alliances, which will take time and diplomacy to heal and rebuild."

"Trump has become a laughingstock in Europe and Canada. In London, his image on a giant balloon full of gas has floated over the Houses of Parliament."

Sandys said she cast her vote for Biden because he is, "a decent man," and she believes he "will turn the page of history and work with the whole country to make America great again. "

Trump has compared himself to the wartime leader a number of times, including during a rally in September when discussing his decision to downplay the treat of the coronavirus.

“As the British government advised the British people in the face of World War II, ‘Keep calm and carry on.' That’s what I did,” Trump told a crowd in Michigan.

According to The Washington Post, the "Keep Calm and Carry On" posters – which are so popular today – were never used in World War II.

Many critics have also pointed out that the general message is a stark contrast to what Churchill actually did preach during the war.

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