Woman decapitated in lift ‘after cable from earphones gets stuck’

A woman was decapitated in a shocking elevator accident at the factory where she worked, investigators in India revealed.

Police say her head got stuck in the lift as she made her way up to the third floor.

Sushila Vishwakarma, from Uttar Pradesh, died instantly.

According to police, while the 48-year-old’s severed head was found on the ground floor, the body got dragged with the lift to the third floor.

It happened at a plastic manufacturing factory in Vadodara city on Monday.

Police suspect the cable of her earphones might have got entangled in the collapsible grill of the lift leading to the accident.

Investigating officer M N Saporiya of Bapod police station told the Indian Express: “The elevator, which is without a roof, is used specifically for carrying goods.

"We are speculating that she was using her phone and absent-mindedly she tried to stick her head outside the lift, which started going up, and the accident happened.

"So her body was dragged till the last floor and head got severed.”

Her body was retrieved with the help of fire officials and handed over to the family after post-mortem. A case of accidental death has been registered at Bapod police station.

Bapod Inspector T R Bamaniya said they are trying to find out if the elevator was faulty.

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