Woman gets pulled over after driving a toy car down busy road

A woman in China was spotted driving a toy car through a busy junction before being pulled over by police.

The driver, in a fake vehicle decorated with pink neon lights, was seen making a swift turn on the road in the city of Quanzhou on Monday.

According to local media, she claimed she was trying to save time while transporting the toy for work purposes.

The auntie, named Ms Li, reportedly worked at a toy shop which rented its small cars to children at a local park.

She said she was ordered by her boss to take the pink replica to the park from the shop on Monday evening.

Instead of travelling on foot, she decided to drive to the destination in the car – but her ride was halted when traffic wardens pulled her over and questioned her.

CCTV footage released by local police shows the toy car with glowing pink lights moving along the road alongside other traffic before taking a right turn on the junction.

According to a post by police on social media, officers gave Ms Li a reprimand for her careless action and confiscated the toy vehicle.

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